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Allowing Acceptance In

Thanksgiving season is upon us, dearests! As we prepare to celebrate life, love and laughter with our families and friends, it may be tough to avoid the elephant in the room: our chronic illnesses and disabilities. As hard as this may be, we can get through the holidays together by advocating for better quality of life and allowing acceptance of our conditions in!

Our bodies may not be in perfect condition but let’s be thankful today and always for the moments of health, peace and joy that shine their way into our lives. ‘Tis the season to allow acceptance to pervade our lives to cultivate more love and better self-care!

Read about my experience with accepting chronic illness in my featured article, Allowing Acceptance In, in The Phoenix below:


*Originally published in The Phoenix Summer 2018 edition. 

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My name is Tina and I am from the NYC area. Due to the severity of my Crohn's, multiple surgeries and extraintestinal manifestations, I have served as a case study for a number of renowned doctors and surgeons across the country. I hope that my advocacy work and the medical research done on me help current and future populations of IBD patients. In a world where the #metoo movement has erupted, I believe it is high time for patients like myself to speak up about the ravaging aspects of chronic illness and disability. The intent of this blog is to give those suffering in silence and in shame a voice that creates greater awareness and acceptance of our daily struggles. I own my chronic illnesses and disabilities and my goal is for you to as well!